Insightful – She Bad by Chris
April 2, 2012, 3:05 PM
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Great free release from Insightful, The San Diego-based producer signed to Soulection.

The 17-track album is grounded in future-beat, trip-hop and the other genres us radio fuckers love. However there’s a distinct  twist in the sounds used which puts Feather’d Son out of the increasingly ubiquitous (yet still loved) realm of ‘triggering samples on an MPC’ and into ‘electronic music’. She Bad for instance, is less kick-snare driven than it is pulled along by the melodic synth- in a genre where rhythmic percussion dominates, it’s an interesting (and dare I say unconventional) take on the genre’s nuances.

Shlomo lovers will dig the creativity and electronic-fusion within the music, as will the masses of Flying Lotus and Nosaj Thing followers out there. Make sure you check out the full album (it’s free good music!)

Insightful – She Bad

Feather’d Son:


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