SxmGdy – Mndfucks. (Brainwavves) by imogenenebyl

Mndfucks. represents the funk-ish hip-hop influence found in all SxmGdy‘s madly smooth mixes. You can almost visualise the reverberating sound resonate in your pineal gland like the green beam of light shown in the track art. Definitely hit up more of SxmGdy and play it loud.


Amin Payne & Ben Bada Boom – UTURN MEON by Chris

There’s somewhat of a global effort behind this collaboration between local Melbourne hero Amin Payne, Germany-based Ben Bada Boom and French label Cascade Records. A well-deserved sexy video for a sexy song; pushing the limits of what the YouTube monkeys will allow.

Amin and Ben have a talent for making beats which stand on their own as ‘songs’ rather than simplistic instrumentals- really bringing the craft to a new level of creativity and musicianship.

Willow Beats – Alchemy EP by Chris

Fuck the Radio Collective home boys Willow Beats have been super busy, returning from a sold-out national tour to support the release of their second EP (below).

I had a quick exchange with Narayana earlier,

There are some tracks on the EP that I started a year ago, some that came together in the last few weeks!
We tried much more experimenting with this EP. There are a-lot more recorded samples and things like the water drops in Elemental (recorded in my bath tub). A-lot more attention was paid to the individual sounds as well. I wanted every small aspect to be as good as I could make it.
The tour was sold out which was incredible! It was amazing to see the amount of support we have! You don’t really realise from Facebook etc but when you see support in numbers its incredible.

Willow Beats – Alchemy preview by Chris

Fuck the Radio Collective artists Willow Beats have just dropped a preview video for their new single Alchemy to be released on the 11th of March.

If you live in Melbourne you can catch them live throughout March as they play through their Workers Club residency, with support from Allday and other FTR Collective artists ColourwavesAlta and Yosemite.


The Wednesday Experiment – Play With Something by Chris

Something a little different, The Wednesday Experiment was formed in a whirlwind of creative excitement from the discovery of a  busker’s beautiful voice.

A unique blend of down-tempo and somewhat experimental sounds with Emily’s beautiful jazzy vocals causes The Wednesday Experiment  to play like a more accessible  and beautiful Massive Attack– Emily’s vocals are something really special, especially considering this recording is one of her first times singing into a microphone… before that she was just busking in Brunswick.

The Wednesday Experiment – Play With Something

Squarehead – Raindrops by Chris

The gap between producers and musicians is a precarious one, especially when it comes to playing live. Squarehead played at Fuck the Radio‘s opening night just over a week ago and put on an amazing show.

Performing songs live as a trio, complete with bass guitar and 50 different effects pedals- if you have the chance, Squarehead are not an act you want to miss if you love music (and, if you read this blog- I assume you do).

Raindrops is a beautifully composed track with a multitude of evolving bits and pieces that in the right atmosphere just fill the room and take you in for a musical candlelit journey over forests and deserts on the back of a magical flying flamingo. The rest of the free album shares a similar feeling, only perhaps with different flying magical animals. It’s something I can’t really describe without sounding like a maniac, so don’t just take my word for it- grab the album, and catch them live in Melbourne on the 21st (link below)… I’ll be there with my flamingo.



Squarehead – Raindrops

TAWÐ – NorthWestern Passages EP by Chris

Canadian producer TAWD released his Northwestern Passages EP this time last month and I’ve finally gotten the chance to give it a listen-through. As the perfect counterpart for the dreamy Sleep ∞ Over or Boy Friend style chillwave records, TAWD hits the nail right on the head with his own label of ‘chillgaze’. Synth-heavy and atmospheric, much of TAWD‘s EP induces feelings of soaring through the pink sky over beautiful landscapes.When that last synth trail slowly fades to silence at the end of the EP’s last track Eight Years, it’s like you’ve finally waved goodbye and disappeared into the horizon riding on a magical cloud.


XXYYXX – About You by Chris

Such talent can and has come into fruition with the discovery of the ‘bedroom producer’ age of music. Age, wealth and status is no longer an issue, as demonstrated by the BRILLIANTLY (that’s right everyone! TAGGING THIS ONE AS BRILLIANT) chilled sounds of XXYYXX, an under-age talent out of Orlando Florida who; just like a Japanese baby playing Through the Fire and Flames on ukulele will shatter your dreams of ever being a good guitarist; his magnificent music will shatter any dreams you had of  ever being a super-talented producer (what an obscure reference, even for me).

About You was released late march earlier this year, but the video above came out a few days ago and is pretty fucking awesome itself. The rest of XXYYXX albums are also as consistently amazing and well worth checking out if you dig this lo-fi mellow electronica. Get on it so you can be all like “I liked him before he was cool” because seriously, people will cream themselves over this stuff.

Amable – The Bundle EP by Chris

As promisedAmable‘s The Bundle was released today and it’s a neat collection of various experimental trip-hop tunes produced by the Florida-based beat-maker that have appeared all over the net these past few years.

A dynamic compilation of rarities, we’ll be catching up with Amable later in the week for a chat, so make sure you subscribe to the blog and check out the album, released by the quasi-avant-garde label Geweih Ritual Documents here:


You can also check out Amable‘s Spooky Bounce here.

And his soundcloud here.


Kyson – Forest Footsteps by Chris
March 19, 2012, 1:42 PM
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Out of Berlin, Kyson‘s majestic productions contain a great deal of warmth and comfort. Forest Footsteps is one of several free beats he’s giving away on Soundcloud which have a refreshingly different, yet easily accessible tone and texture to the other sounds I’ve been listening to lately…

Have a listen for yourself:

Kyson – Forest Footsteps



Mocky – Hymne by Chris
December 25, 2011, 8:27 PM
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Hope all is well, and that your  relatives aren’t giving you too much grief.

There are obvious songs that are ‘christmassy’. You’ve got your Santa related shit like Santa Claus Is Coming To Town and Jingle Bells and whatnot… Then there’s always the more modern trashy pop songs Jingle Bell Rock  (which I do admit is kinda catchy) and All I Want For Christmas Is You (ugh)

Then of-course you have your more traditional religious carols… Silent Night, Away in a Manger… Ave Maria.

But then there are songs that are ‘christmassy’ without referencing presents, santa, or some super-baby demi-god being born in a dumpy  farm shack.

Today I’m posting a track by Mocky called Hymne and it’s one of those christmassy feeling songs, but not necessarily cemented forever within the latter half of December by cheesy lyrics. It takes real talent to come up with something that can capture a feeling like  ‘christmassy’ with choral vocals and piano. It’s a neat piece.

Mocky – Hymne

Geotic – Bless the Self by Chris
December 23, 2011, 12:57 AM
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 Will Wiesenfeld has operated under numerous aliases, including his most famous monkier Baths and his older project [Post-Foetus].

Geotic is an ambient/minimal side-project by Wiesenfeld that has seen the multiple free releases on here. His most recent release- the EP entitled Bless the Self is what I’m posting about this fine summery night.

In Australia, we have summer during Christmas time, and so rather than associating the festive season with snowmen and ice-skating- it’s all about sitting back on the beach with your mates under the hot summer sun… Or enjoying a sunny Christmas bbq with a beer in hand. If you were to capture the feeling of Christmas in Australia on a super-8 film (to the young kids… that means something like the ‘hipstermatic’ app on your iPhone), Bless the Self would be a suitable soundtrack, joyous and colourful, filled with smiling girls wearing sunglasses laughing happily on the sandy beach. This probably comes from the soothing field-recording of the sound of light wind that Wiesenfeld has utilized throughout the record reminding me of waves at the beach.

The whole album plays through gaplessley- working much like a 14minute long ambient track, it is true that the whole is much greater that the sum of each individual track. In fact, I would hazard a guess and say that Bless the Self began it’s life as one track that was split up into 5 separate parts. For this reason I’m not going to bother posting a Fuck the Radio download, but rather link you to the official download for the EP itself. Don’t worry- it’s still free. Although Geotic appreciates donations made here.


Geotic – Bless the Self

Website (with plenty of other free goodness):




Bonobo – Noctuary by Chris
December 9, 2011, 12:00 PM
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A noctuary is like a diary that you keep only about what happens at night. A ‘night journal’ of sorts. I wonder if Bonobo created this amazing trip-hop piece, with the title Noctuary in-mind.

The track has it’s own personality, like that of a noir film set in Tokyo… Bonobo‘s use of mysterious jazzy piano embellishments and sexy cymbal grooves makes Noctuary a real pleasurable listen.

Of-course, this can be expected from one of Ninja Tune‘s most highly respected artists… and with 191,000+ Facebook fans, a high quality track is no great surprise. Definitely worth adding his music to your collection…

Bonobo – Noctuary


Oliver Tank – Dreams of Fish and Waterfalls by Chris
December 2, 2011, 3:50 PM
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Oliver Tank is an amazing artist from Sydney, Australia. Dreams of Fish and Waterfalls is ripe with glee and hope… tinged with a subtle sense of melancholy. Very emotive.


Oliver Tank – Dreams of Fish and Waterfalls



Caribou – Village by Chris
November 30, 2011, 12:00 PM
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So the first thing I posted on this blog was Rachel’s with Wouldn’t Live Anywhere Else (read the post here) which is an abstract-sound scape-meets-experimental-chamber-music piece. Caribou has posted a more raw soundscape on Soundcloud, and I’m a real sucker for the genre so I thought I’d share it.

I understand a-lot of people can’t really get into the idea of ‘found sound’ pieces; in-fact awhile ago I quoted Edgar Varèse in saying “Music is organised sound”, and Village is a track that challenges this idea to it’s very core.

Simply put, Village is a recording of two or three men having a causal conversation about text messaging in what sounds like a restaurant- but I think there’s a somewhat romanticised idea behind recording and sharing the sounds of civilization. I think John Cage put it best when he was talking about his composition 4’33” (an infamous contemporary peice which consisted of nothing but 4’33” of silence, which I’ve linked here)

There’s no such thing as silence. What they thought was silence, because they didn’t know how to listen, was full of accidental sounds.

While Cage‘s 4’33” is very much about experiencing the present moment that the piece is being performed, Caribou‘s Village presents a twist to the idea, which gives you the opportunity to experience a different setting, on the other side of the planet. Upon each listen your imagination adds more and more to the piece, at first I was interested in the conversation that can be heard, then the surrounding environment- the cars, the clanging of cutlery, the subtle noises of distant chirping birds.

Village is a minute-long moment captured forever through sound, bottled up in an mp3 file and able to be revisited again and again.

Caribou – Village

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