Paradise Music Festival 2014 by Chris
August 19, 2014, 11:18 AM
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Paradise music festival is back again this year with another all-Australian line-up. Running Nov 28th-30th at the stunning Lake Mountain alpine resort, we are proud to be media partners with the 3-day camping festival, and so you can expect to see some sneaky exclusives over the coming months.

Putting on your own music festival: An Interview with Paradise’s Andre Hillas by Chris
November 11, 2013, 5:26 PM
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Fuck the Radio fans usually have their ears to the underground for the exciting things happening around Melbourne so the upcoming Paradise music festival may not be news to some. But for a quick refresher; running from November 29 to December 1st in the beautiful Lake Mountain area, Paradise is an independent BYO festival showcasing some of Australia’s most exciting musical acts (including a hefty chuck of the Fuck the Radio Collective and our friends from around town).

Festivals, while often marketing themselves on the premise of being a ‘party’ to connect with fellow music fans, can often-times be a quite impersonal experience. You rock up, are herded through the gates like livestock by apathetic volunteers; avoiding the over-zealous security guards, battle with the crowds to see a tiny dot on the stage and then head off home again exhausted. Paradise is a scaled-back version of the typical festival setting. With crowds just big enough to create that special festival energy, but not too huge as to become an ordeal. You can also expect to see the artists themselves enjoying the music of the other acts right next to you, not locked away in some VIP-fortress enjoying their $300 rider of grey-goose and ice tea.

I caught up with boss-man Andre who has been hard at work putting together his idea of an ideal music festival in-between working his full-time day job (he’s funding the entire thing from his own pocket) to see what it takes for somebody to say “fuck that, I’m going to do my OWN festival” and actually pull it off.

He describes the line-up as containing two loose categories of ‘indie bands’ and ‘producer/djs’, split up across two different stages. Choosing acts was not based around a particular genre or scene, or even on who sells the most tickets; Andre describes his method as “we just started booking bands who we thought were good” (so simple, yet so brilliant). The result is a 100% Australian line-up of contemporary independent music. The aspect of an entirely local line-up is part of the charm behind Paradise, Andre points out that international does not mean ‘better’, and that Melbourne festivals have often excluded the plethora of talent in our own backyard.

Andre’s Picks (in no order):
Really Love his new album
Client Liason
I feel like there’s a sense of humour in their music and performances that I share
Glass Towers
Great new album
I’m yet to see him live, but I love his music
– Deja
For their song called The Outside

My Picks (in no order):
I’ve seen each of these acts multiple times, but I still can’t get enough
– Oisima
– Alta
– Squarehead
– Silent Jay

Full Line-up Poster:


Willow Beats – Alchemy EP by Chris

Fuck the Radio Collective home boys Willow Beats have been super busy, returning from a sold-out national tour to support the release of their second EP (below).

I had a quick exchange with Narayana earlier,

There are some tracks on the EP that I started a year ago, some that came together in the last few weeks!
We tried much more experimenting with this EP. There are a-lot more recorded samples and things like the water drops in Elemental (recorded in my bath tub). A-lot more attention was paid to the individual sounds as well. I wanted every small aspect to be as good as I could make it.
The tour was sold out which was incredible! It was amazing to see the amount of support we have! You don’t really realise from Facebook etc but when you see support in numbers its incredible.

Fuck the Radio Brilliance Vol. 2 by Chris
January 12, 2013, 12:03 AM
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FucktheRadioBrilliance Vol 2

Happy New Year once again!

2012 was a big year for Fuck the Radio and I feel a big year for music in general.

I know 2013 will be even bigger and I’m already so eager to get started that I’m going to keep this short. Last year on New Years I released a mixtape featuring every song I had tagged brilliant thus far. Here’s Volume 2, a little late (still recovering from my New Years festivities) with all of my favourite tracks which appeared on the blog in 2012.



Chrome Sparks – Still Sleeping ft. Steffaloo

Flash Forest – One Night

Tree – Warrior

XXYYXX – About You

A Bliss Abyss – Moksha

Sorrow – 1988

Capeface – I Go

Alta – Stay Awhile

You can find the 2012 catalogue of mediafire uploaded tracks here (keep in mind some of them I provided bandcamp and soundcloud downloads in place of mediafire): http://www.mediafire.com/?alsy8lxn5m9eh

Squarehead Interview by Chris
October 2, 2012, 11:16 PM
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Melbourne shoegazers Squarehead caught up with adamNOTeve earlier this week to discuss the future.

You can catch Squarehead with the rest of the FUCK THE RADIO COLLECTIVE at INCA ROADS

And read/listen more here and here.

September 19, 2012, 10:21 AM
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INCA ROADS just this morning announced its killer line-up and it fits oh so perfectly within our FUCK THE RADIO  aesthetic; blending the best  mix of electronic artists, punk rock gems and other underground talent for a two-night camping adventure up in Mt. Eagerton (near Melbourne, Australia) from Nov 30-Dec 2nd.

The line-up includes a unique team-up set from the guys in the FUCK THE RADIO Collective: Yosemite, Bee Ampersand, Colourwaves, Willow Beats, Sub Dapper and Squarehead. They’ll all be on stage at the same time making music live together (like a real band!).

There’s also a pretty rad selection of art installations AND no outrageously expensive drink prices; it’s BYO!!

Early-bird memberships are on-sale at the moment for only $70+bf (the cheapest 3-day festival ever). We’ll be covering the event on the blog (in addition to our regular posting).


Fuck the Radio Party by Chris


It is with huge pleasure that I (finally) announce the FUCK THE RADIO monthly party in Melbourne this week on this blog.

If you live in Melbourne, Australia, come on down to the intimate Soft Belly Bar and share a drink with the family. You’ll know that everyone around you has amazing taste in music!

Willowbeats is an act who hasn’t appeared on this blog yet because I’ve been saving them for something really special. Finally that something special is here- but don’t take my word for it, check ’em out here:


Squarehead is a great psychedelic/progressive act with some really beautiful tracks. I’m stoked to have him play live:


Bee Ampersand is a familiar name to long-time readers, mixing all of the much-adored mix-tapes.

You can find more infor about the event on the Facebook page here:


And even read about it on Acclaim Magazine’s website here:


Unfortunately, I will be taking the remainder of the week off from posting music to the blog. I know I have slowed my post-rate lately, but that was all due to the work that had to be put into this event to make sure it happened in the best way possible. After this weekend posts will return to their usual rate. There are bigger and better things on their way, this party is just the beginning…


Fabled Enemies Live! by Chris
February 21, 2012, 2:09 AM
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I’ve spoken just recently about my lack of multi-linguistic talent, but this one’s pretty simple…

Fabled Enemies are one of the select few artists to earn the Fuck the Radio ‘brilliant’ tag, and they sure did deserve it!

Finally bringing their dubstep/glitch-hop sound to the live stage, the guys need votes to play in Melkweg Amsterdam, and it’s so simple to vote that it should be a crime not to.

The website is in Dutch, but if I could figure it out, I’m sure you can too- and considering a substantial amount of my readership is from The Netherlands (hinting at the fact that you must need weed to enjoy my blog) I’m sure there won’t be any confusion when it comes to clicking this link -> http://www.groteprijsvan.nl/deelnemer/fabled-enemies/ and pressing the big blue button that says ‘STEM!’

Help ’em out!

You can also check out their music on this blog or at their Soundcloud page.

Censorship and Blogging by Chris

Last night, popular Melbourne-based dubstep music blog Daftwho? had it’s Mediafire account deleted in the wake of the US Government’s recent over-zealous crusade against online piracy, loosing 2,300+ songs.

Many of these songs were promotional copies that the artists had sent to Daftwho? with the hopes that their music would be promoted to a wide audience of potential fans. The blog was very successful for this purpose, with many underground and unheard-of artists gaining fans out of those who had downloaded their music off the blog for free.

As you probably know, Fuck the Radio also utilizes Mediafire to distribute its content and operates under a very similar posting model.  Copyrighted tracks have been posted on FTR in the past; however due to several DMCA clashes and several artists contacting me with requests for removal- I haven’t operated with that method for quite some time, instead opting to only promote artists who are already granting free promotional downloads, with a special focus on those who deserve more attention than they are getting for their creation.

Artists celebrate blogs such as Daftwho? and Fuck the Radio for sharing their creations, while the ‘content-mafia’ such as the RIAA cling to obsolete business models which primarily serve the industry’s business side rather than independent and highly talented artists. Recent lobbying of the government by these companies has resulted in legislation such as Stop Online Priacy Act (SOPA), Protect-IP Act (PIPA) (which we’ve all heard so much about) and the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) which threatens our civil liberties, freedom of speech, net neutrality, right to online privacy and damages creative freedom for artists.

Support independent record labels, support independent artists, support independent blogs and music.

Fuck the Radio

Fuck the Radio Brilliance Vol. 1 by Chris
December 31, 2011, 1:00 AM
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Happy New Year!

It’s been an exciting year for Fuck the Radio in 2011, more than tripling the average daily reader count- receiving  several DMCA complaints, and the launch (and subsequent censorship) of the Fuck The Radio Radio Show.

Regular readers will be familiar with the coveted ‘brilliance’ tag on the blog- awarded to tracks that are truly in a class of their own. For new years this year I’ve collected said brilliant tracks into one neat little package. For your downloading pleasure. This very special Fuck the Radio Brilliance Vol. 1 contains every track (that did not receive a DMCA take-down shake-down notice) tagged as brilliant since the blog’s creation.

You can find it HERE

The track-listing goes:

OpiuoRobo Booty

El Ten ElevenHot Cakes

Stateless – Ariel

Fabled Enemies The Prophecy

Nosaj Thing 1685/Bach

Lemon Jelly – Page One

Pretty Lights – Something’s Wrong

James Blake Air and Lack Thereof

Skream Midnight Request Line

Secret Knives – Black Hole

A.Bliss.Abyss Sakajaweea

Inaudible – Echo Chamber

Polographia – Righteous Hit

😀 It’s a MUST HAVE for anybody looking for some great new music, with genres including dubstep, glitch-hop, chillwave and shoegaze- it’s a great example of the sounds the Fuck the Radio blog loves so much.


In addition to the mixtape, you can find the complete 2010 and 2011 catalogues here (2010) and here (2011) for some more music if you like!

Now 2012 is a New Year and there are several ideas in the works to make even FTR bigger and better. The most important change will be that the focus will now be on independent and largely undiscovered artists that I come cross in my digi-digging. Remember, if you are an artist yourself- keep sending in links to your music at fucktheradio@dubcage.com or even on facebook.com/ftheradioblog.

Now it’s New Years, time to get drunk.

Fuck the Radio Radio Show by Chris
December 19, 2011, 1:15 PM
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Fuck the Radio in conjunction with DUBCAGE brings you the first (and likely last) FTR Radio Show  on 88.3 Southern FM.

Tracklist and download link here: http://soundcloud.com/fucktheradio/fuck-the-radio-radio-show-19

edit: A faster download link here

Fuck the Radio Radio Show by Chris
November 6, 2011, 11:59 PM
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The first ever Fuck the Radio Radio Show is on air! Soundcloud!

Stream live the recording here:

“Nerves were high in the 88.3 Southern FM studio as Chris (head writer of Fuck the Radio Blog) presented his first ever un-assisted solo radio show on Australian airwaves. Listen as he stumbles through this impromptu messy shamble of a radio show. And enjoy the music while you’re at it!”

(Artist – Trackname)

Clifford Gilberto – Deliver the Weird (Dorian Concept remix, b& re-remix)
Ratatat – Loud Pipes
Rustie – Ultra Thizz
James Blake – Limit to Your Love
Bibio – Fire Ant
Fabled Enemies – The Prophecy
A Bliss Abyss – Exxtra X
Oipuo – Robo Booty
Pretty Lights – Finally Moving
Unkle – Glow
Doctor Rockit – This is the End



November 3, 2011, 4:15 PM
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Fuck the Radio is now on Facebook! And what better way to celebrate then release another famed Fuck the Radio Mixtape!

Beef up your iTunes/iPod/whatever with this 20-track glorified DJ set by Bee Ampersand. And while you are at it, give the Facebook page a like!




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