John Powell – The Next Adventure by Chris
April 11, 2011, 10:11 PM
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The problem with movie music is that… well… quite frankly it’s ‘typecast’.

Modern composers such as John Powell and Jesper Kyd are hidden behind a curtain, when they could be basking in well-deserved glory with the likes of Dennis DeSantis.

Just listen to this track from Mr. and Mrs. Smith… try to push out the image of Brad and Angelina prancing around in an unflattering ‘action-packed romantic comedy’… YUCK.

Luckily the music is much more sophisticated, Powell’s use of modern percussion styles mixed with more traditional orchestral scoring is an amazing musical juxtaposition that fits oh so nicely. Suspended cymbal builds layered into percussion patterns are reminiscent of modern electronica, while the strings, flutes and horns all give an amazing emotional body to the song.

John Powell – The Next Adventure


Also, may I add, I had a primary school teacher named John Powell, and he was a complete asshole. fuck you John.

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this is cool
you’re really good at describing stuff too.

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