Shag – 1992 by Chris
December 18, 2012, 10:56 AM
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To celebrate his 20th birthday, Shag promised (and delivered) a new beat tape. If you dig tight sample-based trip-hop do not hesitate- Shag consistently releases fantastic stuff, with a variety of moods and noises to keep you entertained from start to finish.

Grab it here:



ALTA – Stay Awhile by Chris

Shaping up to be the release of the year, you better believe I’m tagging Alta‘s Stay Awhile debut BRILLIANT (the lucky 7th tag earned this year).

From the seductive slowness of the eponymous opener Stay Awhile to the cheeky musac samples in Elevator, the overall progression of the record effortlessly moves from dreamy sample-heavy blues-ballads to solid trip-hop sounds in Next and Bees.

The most impressive element of Alta‘s sound is the way beatmaker Julius’ sample-heavy beats marry with vocalist Hannah’s organic soulful voice to create a fresh-yet-familiar vibe within the tracks. The only thing I dislike about this album is that when I listen to it on my iTunes, Alta Mira by Björk always comes on once it’s over and that song drives me fucking nuts; but, assuming you won’t have the same problem, I highly recommend you take the time to give this release a download.

Fuck the Radio EXORCIST Mixtape by Chris

It’s about time we released another Fuck the Radio mixtape! Bee Ampersand spun this up on Halloween and it’s packed full of dank head-bobbing goodness from local/international artists mixed into a seamless flowing 30-minute set (with the tracks split up so you can enjoy them individually too!) ranging from trip-hop, dubstep and more.




You can also check out more FTR mixtapes here.

Indigo High – Delighted by Chris
October 22, 2012, 2:44 PM
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Indigo High with some proper decent acid jazz out of Chicago. Just listen to those keys.

Evenings – Lo-Vélo by Chris
October 5, 2012, 12:54 AM
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Can you believe it’s October already? only two more months and we’ll be celebrating New Years all over again, another batch of birthdays, ups and downs and what-nots to look forward to.

It was last year, about a month ago, Evenings released his Latley LP to the world via bandcamp. It’s a beautiful blend of shoegaze, trip-hop and what-not. I’ve only just discovered it now and I can not believe it didn’t sooner; it’s a stand-out album, full of playful experimentation and emotional input. Lo-Vélo is the fourth track on the album, coming right after a short-eight second interlude of found-sound. As a music blogger, you know I love to write- but every now and then it’s best to just shut up and let the music speak for itself- this is one of those times.

Check out the rest of the album here.


Nakagin – Raincoats by Chris
August 15, 2012, 12:00 PM
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Sydney-based Nakagin has been on his game for around a year now, and I’d call him Australia’s very own Nosaj Thing.

Releasing a split 12″ with Guerre in September, Nakagin is a familiar name in the vibrant Sydney/Melbourne beat scene complementing names such as Polographia and Oliver Tank.

Raincoats comes off of Nakagin‘s EP Elsewhere from July last year. You can pick it up here. Or try out Raincoats as a single below:

Nakagin – Raincoats

Ta-Ku – 50 Days For Dilla Vol. 2 by Chris

Ta-Ku has been kicking-ass after ass with his consistent high-quality beat-releases, and the 50 Days of Dilla project is possibly his most ambitious and successful yet. 50 Days for Dilla vol. 1 was released digitally under HW&W in March with the vinyl following two months later in May as HW&W‘s first official vinyl release. The vinyl sold out within 6 hours of its online release and I managed to bag the second-to-last copy.

Vol. 2 was released online on July 24th and for $10, the remaining 25 tracks of the project can be yours… Or you can hang-out for the vinyl (they’d be crazy not to release one after the last response).

The remaining 25 beats are brief (none break the 3 minute mark, as with the previous volume), however I wouldn’t want to attempt a feat like producing a beat every day for 50 days, so the length is easily forgivable. The quality is of a standard which can be expected from an established producer like Ta-Ku, the drums swing just right, the samples stutter and glitch to neat effect… and the overall feel of the record is something I could have constantly on in the background without a worry. The Dilla inspiration is clear and present- somewhat overpowering in-fact. I would have liked to see a little more deviation and stylistic twist from Ta-Ku considering his past proven skills with glitchy electronics, however this is not the aim of the record- as a tribute album, it works quite fantastically.

Patterns In Plastic – Sleepyhead (Sina. remix) by Chris

Woot woot, the second Fuck the Radio party was a success, with acts Yosemite, Flash Forest and Sub Dapper killing it on-stage with a surprise set by exciting up-and comers Willowbeats.

The hangover has subsided and the blogging must go on. To bring us all down from our parties induced-highs I present you an ethereal track of purified dreaminess.

Patterns In Plastic already had a wonderfully fulfilling sound on their hands, but for me it was Sina. who brought the wonderful  to marvellous with a divine remix of Sleepyhead.

I’ve been playing way too much Diablo 3 latley, so the entire list of of the adjectives I know at the moment is like looking up ‘evil’ in the Thesaurus. But if you were to look at the ‘antonym’ section of the thesaurus for ‘evil’, you’d probably find some neat descriptive words for this track…

…what a bizarre review…

Patterns In Plastic – Sleepyhead (Sina. remix)

Brooches – Swans by Chris
July 4, 2012, 1:52 PM
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Brooches‘ new release on the well-endeared Grappa Frisbee Records is tied together so very nicely both in it’s composition and beyond. The Album art is beautiful, the tracks are healthily unique and accessible and the EP’s title makes good reference to the 4 tracks all being about birds.

Swans is by far the shortest track coming in at just under the three-minute mark, I highly recommend you check out the rest of the EP if you want some great evolving musical texture and atmosphere. Crow is deep and exquisite, it’s unconventionality is not too bizarre as to alienate the listener, yet interesting enough to be intriguing. The whole EP sounds as organic as it’s subject matter.

Brooches – Swans

Nice Icles – Shiverburn (ft. Kwala) by Chris
June 26, 2012, 2:31 PM
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Nice Icles’ release on DAGOBOT features some great trip-hop composition, and general electronica goodness. The release’s title track features some collaboration with Kwala; creating a jangular future beat piece, kind of similar to something Fly-Lo would develop. Unfortunately, the track finishes quite suddenly, but luckily the rest of the fantastic record is there to follow it up- only a dollar of DAGOBOT‘s bandcamp.

Nice Icles – Shiverburn (ft. Kwala)

Desmond Cheese – Saw The Signs Pt 2 by Chris

Desmond Cheese‘s beats are dope. Saw the Signs Pt. 2 is an instrumental cut off of a release he did with Mr Bill about a year ago, and it’s got all of the best ingredients: jazz, bass and essence of sex.

You could do just about anything with this music playing and it’d instantly give it a totally new groovy vibe. Seriously, you could be eating a taco or something, and some hottie could walk past you and think nothing of it. But if you were eating a taco with this music on the hottie would be dtf.

Enjoy 🙂

Desmond Cheese – Saw The Signs Pt 2

Ackryte – Filmstrip by Chris

Cascade Records has overtaken Warp and Ninja Tune for me when it comes to exciting new releases; the Paris-based label is constantly supporting underground gold- and their latest release with Resistant Mindz is no exception.

A great compilation with some fantastic post-hip-hop/trip-hop etc. sounds from a plethora of talented artists, including FTR faves BrokeRepeat Pattern and Ackryte (above), there’s some real special creativity running through the grooves of this record, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

Para Dice – Camille Echoes by Chris
June 6, 2012, 10:57 AM
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Netherlands-based Para Dice has put out a few chilled beatstrumentals over the months and they are worth checking out if you are interested in expanding your library or just having a few laid back tunes to have on around the house.

Para Dice – Camille Echoes

Daisuke Tanabe – Ate by Chris
April 27, 2012, 2:07 PM
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Daisuke Tanabe (who also goes by simply ‘dt‘) put this Acid Jazzy number out about a month ago on Soundcloud. It took a-while to settle in, but by the second listen I was absolutely hooked. The clever subtleties excel in Ate, creating a dynamic track comprised of tightly meshed vocal snippets and percussive glitches. Amazing creative work;

Daisuke Tanabe – Ate



AceMo – Love Faded by Chris
April 25, 2012, 5:39 PM
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AceMo‘s Cuter EP is free off of his bandcamp and totally worth a listen.

There’s a swell hint of jazz mixed in with lo-fi electronica synths- it almost fits a verse-chorus style structure, as if the instruments are speaking amongst themselves.  I haven’t heard anything like this is a-while.

The rest of the EP is equally as good, and he’s generous enough to be throwing it at you for free! So get on it!

AceMo – Love Faded



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