Portal Soundtrack – Self Esteem Fund by Chris
September 22, 2011, 8:50 PM
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Sorry for missing a few days of posting… not going to lie, I decided I was going to play video games all week.

So I re-install Half Life 2 and play through that… Then HL2 Episode 1, then HL2 Episode 2… and all the way through I’m thinking how amazing the music is. This is not a blog about video games so I won’t talk about this too much, but my  favourite part about Half Life 2 is its atmosphere- the dystopian future it is set in really has a personality of its own that contributes greatly to the way the game feels… one of the ways this is accomplished is through its amazing soundtrack.

I pulled up my Orange Box soundtrack in iTunes and gave it a listen- the Portal soundtrack is exceptional. Self Esteem Fund is a haunting ambient piece that adds a layer of depth to the isolated, lonely feeling that the game possesses at parts. But even better is the fact that on it’s own, it’s still great music, I recommend you give it a listen:

Portal Soundtrack – Self Esteem Fund

Daft Punk – TRON Legacy (End Titles) by Chris
December 20, 2010, 3:14 PM
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So I’m in the US of A right now! I haven’t quite got a chance to see Tron Legacy yet, but I have had a chance to get the OST. Music is so cheap here It’s great! I found a store flogging albums by Fatboy Slim and The Avalanches among many others for $2 a pop! I’m going to have trouble fitting it all in my bag on the way home.

Anyway, back to Tron. The soundtrack of-course, is by electronic gods Daft Punk. I haven’t had the chance to listen to it properly yet, so I may have to eat my own words later. But from during my skim through it, it’s a little disappointing. Before you start flailing wildly in your chair and shout how DARE you insult DAFT PUNK let me explain.

I expected something different. I wanted a soundtrack that broke the barriers of ‘movie music’. I expected Tron to work as something like Interstella 5555. But it seems that Daft Punk have gone the way of Vangelis. The Tron soundtrack could be likened to the music from Blade Runner. Infact, Track #7 entitled Rinzler sounds as if the french electro duo have sampled Vangelis’ famous Blade Runner bass synth sequence.

Don’t me wrong, the album is not at all bad. It’s really quite great. But the fans expecting another Homework or Discovery style album to accompany the filmwill be disappointed. It should be warned that they worked closely with film music composer Joseph Trapanese (who did the score for seasons 3+4 of Dexter) and a-lot of the music is dominated by large orchestral strings and brass doing the typical DUNN DUNNN DUNNNNNNNNNN DRAMATIC EPIC DRAMATIC.

The Daft Punk fans will appreciate tracks like Derezzed, which was widely promoted (and you can see why). But don’t expect the rest of the album to be the same.

Since every boy, girl and their respective pets already has a copy of Derezzed (probably scammed off some low quality youtube downloader), I’m going to hit you up with another one of the more Daft Punk-y tracks from the album- the End Credits.

Daft Punk – TRON Legacy (End Titles)

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