The Wednesday Experiment – Play With Something by Chris

Something a little different, The Wednesday Experiment was formed in a whirlwind of creative excitement from the discovery of a  busker’s beautiful voice.

A unique blend of down-tempo and somewhat experimental sounds with Emily’s beautiful jazzy vocals causes The Wednesday Experiment  to play like a more accessible  and beautiful Massive Attack– Emily’s vocals are something really special, especially considering this recording is one of her first times singing into a microphone… before that she was just busking in Brunswick.

The Wednesday Experiment – Play With Something

Ackryte – Filmstrip by Chris

Cascade Records has overtaken Warp and Ninja Tune for me when it comes to exciting new releases; the Paris-based label is constantly supporting underground gold- and their latest release with Resistant Mindz is no exception.

A great compilation with some fantastic post-hip-hop/trip-hop etc. sounds from a plethora of talented artists, including FTR faves BrokeRepeat Pattern and Ackryte (above), there’s some real special creativity running through the grooves of this record, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

David Bonas – Ambient 2 by Chris
March 23, 2012, 2:44 PM
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When it comes to ambient music there’s only really 3 ways that you can go when naming a track… there’s the Autechre method of mashing the keyboard with your fist and calling your new masterpiece something like ‘Derfg’, there’s the somewhat pompous method of naming it something like ‘Tulips Dancing in the Winter Air’ and then there’s the method that David Bonas has chosen, simply assigning a number to the track which, when paired with a genre results in something like Ambient 2. While it may not be much in terms of creative titling, it gets the job done.

It may be an oldie, but it’s still an underground gem. Just needed this to cure my morning-after-a-big-night feeling.

David Bonas – Ambient 2



JONGPADAWAN – Afternoon Croissant by Chris
March 7, 2012, 1:04 PM
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A delightful trip-hop/future-beat style track from Denmark’s JONGPADAWAN. I’m not sure I’ve ever posted a Danish artist on FTR before, however if Afternoon Croissant is any indication of the quality of music coming from the Danes- I’ll be looking there more often.

A nice mix of smooth jazz and deep percussive elements, heavy compression is any trip-hopper’s friend, and JONGPADAWAN has executed his production techniques very well. The track avoids being a tedious sample loop by gradually switching up the beats, switching in and out different instrumental elements (a smooth tenor sax dips in and out as the beat goes on) and a suave French vocal sample keeps things sexy.

A debut EP is on the horizon with Greased Up Records announcing their first public EP release will be with him- release date TBA. Until then, enjoy Afternoon Croissant.

JONGPADAWAN – Afternoon Croissant




Kwala – Werewolf Barmitzvah by Chris

Everyone has bizzare rituals; whether it be conditioning thier hair before they shampoo, purposely wearing socks inside out- or something a little more involved, like sitting in the same seat at the same bar every Friday after work and ordering the same drink. We all have little things that we like to keep to ourselves- it’s what keeps us sane. For me, every Sunday night after I get home from the radio station, I pour myself a small glass of red wine, turn the TV onto the ‘classic movies’ channel (where they play all the old black-and white films), mute it, and listen to music.

Kwala‘s album Shabang may be the perfect soundtrack for these moments. As wine slowly stains my lips and the suave-looking detective in the movie lights up his cigar, Kwala‘s expansive pads and smooth down-tempo rhythms fill the full aural spectrum. Not demanding enough to be abrasive or distracting, yet far from being boring or repetitive- the best way to describe Kwala‘s music would be something like ‘post-trip-hop’. Excuse my ‘typical-music-blogger-making-up-meaningless-genres-to-avoid-actually-describing-the-music’, but being superfluous when it comes to these things does nothing justice. Plus I want to enjoy my wine.

Kwala – Werewolf Barmitzvah

The full album is available here for a pick-your-price download and it comes with my highest recommendation:

<edit: It seems to have disappeared, but there is still some great stuff up there>




Somepling – flavaMemo by Chris
January 14, 2012, 12:02 PM
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French Trip-Hopper Somepling released his free EP Properly Packed for free on Wednesday and I’ve finally gotten the chance to give it a proper listen through.

Fans of DJ Shadow and other alternative hip-hop beats producers will appreciate the overall soul of Somepling‘s work; the magic that can be created on an Akai MPC2000 is unreal when put into the correct music junkie’s hands. It is no wonder Somepling has garnered support from so many artists and labels.

Properly Packed is a collection of tracks that have been given away for free on his Soundcloud here and there, packed into one neat package. You can give the full album a download off of his Bandcamp page, where the option is to donate a measly $5 or just grab it for free off the provided mediafire link.


Somepling – flavaMemo





Mocky – Hymne by Chris
December 25, 2011, 8:27 PM
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Hope all is well, and that your  relatives aren’t giving you too much grief.

There are obvious songs that are ‘christmassy’. You’ve got your Santa related shit like Santa Claus Is Coming To Town and Jingle Bells and whatnot… Then there’s always the more modern trashy pop songs Jingle Bell Rock  (which I do admit is kinda catchy) and All I Want For Christmas Is You (ugh)

Then of-course you have your more traditional religious carols… Silent Night, Away in a Manger… Ave Maria.

But then there are songs that are ‘christmassy’ without referencing presents, santa, or some super-baby demi-god being born in a dumpy  farm shack.

Today I’m posting a track by Mocky called Hymne and it’s one of those christmassy feeling songs, but not necessarily cemented forever within the latter half of December by cheesy lyrics. It takes real talent to come up with something that can capture a feeling like  ‘christmassy’ with choral vocals and piano. It’s a neat piece.

Mocky – Hymne

Oliver Tank – Dreams of Fish and Waterfalls by Chris
December 2, 2011, 3:50 PM
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Oliver Tank is an amazing artist from Sydney, Australia. Dreams of Fish and Waterfalls is ripe with glee and hope… tinged with a subtle sense of melancholy. Very emotive.


Oliver Tank – Dreams of Fish and Waterfalls



Insun – Positive Limitation by Chris
November 27, 2011, 1:33 PM
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Positive Limitation is a track I found hidden away in my ever-growing maze of music folders with no hint as to how I acquired it.

All I know is that it’s credited to ‘Insun‘. This may or may not be the same Insun as this Sweedish trance producer who has similar stylistic attributes in his music; but he doesn’t seem to have a track named Positive Limitation available… which further deepens the mystery of how it ended up in my possession.

Regardless; if you are into looming ambient music- check out Positive Limitation– a track which you might not be able to find anywhere else!

Insun – Positive Limitation

Polographia – Sunsets by Chris
November 10, 2011, 2:12 AM
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There’s an inherent irony about having a blog called Fuck the Radio and then expanding it into a radio show- almost equally ironic is posting Polographia‘s  5-track long masterpiece  Sunsets, as the record’s opening track Righteous Hit has enjoyed a whole lot of radio play lately- and deservedly so. If you were to delve deeper into the irony of Sunset‘s rlease I suppose you could point out that it was released at midnight, long after the sun had set… But this is where the irony stops; as everything else about Sunsets is ridiculously spot on.

Each of the 5 tracks on the album teem with an euphoric sense of summer-beauty that is held together with such thematic artistry it’d be fair to call Sunsets a concept album rather than a meaningless mish-mash of random tracks. There is nothing but warmth beaming from the eclectic collection sounds used- from dancing flute melodies to nostalgic 80s organ-synths, organic-sounding pads and even some dreamy vocals. There is a slight contemporary electronic-disco feel present throughout the record’s opener Righteous Hit that carries on subtly in all 5 of the tracks; this complements the overall glo-fi/chillwave sounds Polographia have composed with an authentic naturalism which seems too good to be giving away for free.

Speaking of giving away for free- stop reading and pick up your free digital download before they all get snapped up!

Polographia – Sunsets

Yes I’m tagging it under BRILLIANT

Above & Beyond – Filmic by Chris
August 17, 2011, 12:00 AM
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I’m not normally a trance fan, but a friend leant me Above & Beyond‘s Group Therapy and I’m actually digging it. a nice mix of chilled electronica and uplifting trance, give the opening track Filmic a listen and see if you can resist trying out the rest of the album.

Above & Beyond – Filmic

Boards of Canada – Roygbiv by Chris
August 15, 2011, 12:00 AM
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Roygbiv is a great way to remember the colours of the rainbow. Roygbiv is a great track from Boards of Canada

Boards of Canada – Roygbiv

James Blake – Air and Lack Thereof by Chris
August 11, 2011, 4:57 PM
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Why has it taken me so long to post this amazing track? It earns my FUCK THE RADIO Brillance label.

Halfway between dubstep and chillout ambient music, this builds and releases musical tension with pure artistry. Are real pleasure to sit in the dark and simply listen. My one criticism is that it only lasts 4 minutes when I would gladly listen for 15.

Also a good hangover cure.

James Blake – Air and Lack Thereof

Naminé – EP by Chris
June 22, 2011, 11:37 PM
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I had the pleasure of catching Naminé playing a set at one of my favorite bars recently. The live performance is just as amazing as the recorded versions- a feat not easy with this type of music, especially as a solo artist. The parts played on a keyboard and looped through a pedal board. Mellowing vocals and hugley atmospheric synth sounds hold you in the moment throughout the whole EP. A great listen.

Naminé – EP

b& – 37 O’Clock by Chris
March 21, 2011, 12:00 AM
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b& has been working on some Ambient tracks as a side project from his usual fidget/electro/dubstep, and it’s a good thing too because this blog hasn’t featured any purely ambient tracks in awhile.

37 O’Clock climaxes into a subtle symphony of hi-hats, oddly syncopated bass riffs and is tied together by soaring synthesized vocals.

b& – 37 O’Clock

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