7even Sun – New New Jack by Chris

France is the home to most of my favourite artists… Daft Punk, Plasticines, Edgard Varèse… the list goes on. I don’t know what they put in the frog legs over there, but something makes them good at producing groovy music.

Take 7even Sun for example, who has put out two completely free and awesome electronic-jazz albums that are scrumptiously funky. With a third on it’s way on the 28th of March,  get into him now so you can say you dug him since his older albums.

New New Jack is from the first EP titled Abstractly Concrete which was released November last year. Filled with a great mix of sample-based jazz and electronic funk, 7even shows that he possesses more musical ability than simply stringing a few sampled loops together without any creative attention to detail.

His second free instrumental EP titled Concretely Abstract was released late Feburary 2012, and builds upon the same production styles and sounds used in Abstractly Concrete (no surprise there, due to the similarity of the titles, think of it as all the same project). The third EP will be titled Abscrete and is due out on Number 24 Records later this month.

7even Sun – New New Jack





Innobushu – Moonlight by Chris
February 17, 2012, 12:21 PM
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There’s something about the crackly-popping sound of an old vinyl record that I really dig, so when Innobushu‘s Moonlight opened with 90 or so seconds of the sound, I already knew I was in for a treat.

However, it’s not the lo-fi vinyl crackle that makes this a neat track, Moonlight‘s instrumentation is a great mix of synth leads and lo-fi jazz/soul samples. The highlight for me would be the syncopated drums which Innobushu pulls off perfectly- odd enough to be interesting, yet still rhythmic enough to bop your head to- this is possibly the greatest challenge when it comes to making future-beat, and in Moonlight it’s really tight.

Soulful and atmospheric, Moonlight is more than just a ‘beat’, it’s an instrumental song. Check it out:

Innobushu – Moonlight



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