Amable – Spooky Bounce by Chris
February 6, 2012, 2:39 PM
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Amable‘s Spooky Bounce is indeed spooky… and bouncy! (the epitome of music journalism right there).

The spookiness is in the subtleties, a sampled piano loop- complete with crisp vinyl pops and crackles- oh the joys of trip-hop!

Meanwhile a grimey saw bassline teams up with an exceptionally neat percussive drum-part to keep the track moving along. It’s as if a ghetto gang of werewolves and zombies (complete with low-riding pants and excessive amounts of dollar-sign gold necklaces) are strutting their stuff down the graveyard main-street at midnight, boom-box on shoulder, blasting this spooky trip-hop tune.


Amable – Spooky Bounce



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