Hawaii94 – Cruise CTRL by Chris

More or less a slight step-back from the usual swirling game-boy-style chiptune arpeggios and excitable dream-pop hyperactivity found in Hawaii94‘s previous releases; Cruise CTRL brinks on progressive-disco-esque thumping and sweeping filtered waves of sound. Something that anyone can groove to; especially when the familiar vocal swoons drift in over the top. A final highlight is when Hawaii94‘s glo-fi sound climaxes into a glitchy crescendo of fun-noise.

Hawaii94 –  Cruise CTRL

Beat Culture – Belong (ft. Steffaloo) by Chris
March 9, 2012, 11:00 AM
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Beat Culture‘s Goldenback Weaver has been gaining quite a few plays on my iTunes over the past month or so, and with the release of a new collaboration with one of my favourites Steffaloo last month; I think it’s time you started listening to him as-well (that is to say, if you have not-already been).

Belong is a beautiful lo-fi synth-pop style piece. SBTRKT and The XX influence is prevalent, even perhaps some M83 in for good measure. But that’s not to say that Beat Culture has simply mimicked the sounds of other artists- to the contrary, his solo trip-hop works are a stylistic blend of sampled records, lo-fi synths and mish-mashings of other noises, while pairing up with Steffaloo has given him the opportunity to showcase his talents as working with a vocalist to create something more dynamic. There’s a-lot going on in Belong, however it’s all crafted to fit together so-well it manages to avoid sounding busy or ‘cluttered’ as can sometimes be the temptation when artists produce vast-dreamy glo-fi pieces.

Beat Culture – Belong (ft. Steffaloo)

Check out his two albums available for free!


And soundcloud:


Sleep ∞ Over – Romantic Streams by Chris

Following on from my recent posting trend of gorgeous dream-pop chicks I want to have babies with (see Steffaloo and Stumbleine); Stefanie Franciotti is the sole remaining member of Sleep ∞ Over, which was previously a trio. However this is a music blog and not a gossip-magazine, so I’m going to look past whatever it was that made former members Christa Palazzolo and Sarah Brown break away from the group and form their own duo Boy Friend (who, if you are interested; I’ve written about here).

Romantic Streams comes from the full length debut Forever, which is contains elements of equal-parts shoegaze and dream-pop… in-fact I could rant on forever using words like chillwave, glo-fi and noise-rock; but instead this time I’m going to let the music speak for itself for once.

Sleep ∞ Over – Romantic Streams

I highly recommend you check out the album:


And check out her Soundcloud:


Stumbleine – Bloom by Chris
February 29, 2012, 3:49 PM
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Reminiscent of Oliver TankWintercoats and even Steffaloo, the Bristol-based glo-fi artist Stumbleine is consistently superband with the recent release of a new album off of bandcamp, now is as good a time as ever to post the relaxing ambient chillwave peice Bloom released a little over a year ago within the pick-your price All For Your Smile.

Stumbleine – Bloom

Make sure you check out the new album:


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