Yahn Looke Picard – Bit Breaths by Chris
February 3, 2012, 9:15 PM
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yahnLOOKEpicard‘s name is as bizarre as the slimey bass-sound used in Bit Breaths. The only difference is that while I stress I’ve gotten the name wrong, we can all rest assured that the bass is just right.

Electronica when styled up in just the right way can sound almost ‘organic’, and Bit Breaths is as teeming with life as the swampy marsh I picture when I listen to it (yes it’s one of those posts where I say weird shit that makes no sense).

At the end of the day, yahnLOOKEpicard is absolutely on-point in crafting neat glitch-hop beats, and Bit Breaths is a perfect example of his aptitude.


yahnLOOKEpicard – Bit Breaths



Inaudible – Echo Chamber by Chris
December 15, 2011, 11:11 PM
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My issue these days is that there are so many amazing artists out there putting out countless good songs- I have a tough time deciding who I want to write about!

Inaudible is without doubt deserving of a post- his music is brilliant. That’s right, he’s getting tagged as BRILLIANT. Welcome to the club Inaudible. I spent the past hour trying to decide which of your songs I was going to post until I finally gave up and picked at random. Echo Chamber is just that perfect level of heavy upbeat glitch-hop that I absolutely love. There are some crazy sounds in this track that suck you in, and on each subsequent listen it becomes clear just how much attention to small details goes into this music.

Echo Chamber does not need vocals to make it better- to the contrary, it’s actually too good for vocals… something every producer of this genre sound strive to achieve in my opinion.

Check out the Scathed Youth EP from Inaudible‘s bandcamp page too- it’s got a few more gems as equally as good as Echo Chamber.


Inaudible – Echo Chamber





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