Brooches – Swans by Chris
July 4, 2012, 1:52 PM
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Brooches‘ new release on the well-endeared Grappa Frisbee Records is tied together so very nicely both in it’s composition and beyond. The Album art is beautiful, the tracks are healthily unique and accessible and the EP’s title makes good reference to the 4 tracks all being about birds.

Swans is by far the shortest track coming in at just under the three-minute mark, I highly recommend you check out the rest of the EP if you want some great evolving musical texture and atmosphere. Crow is deep and exquisite, it’s unconventionality is not too bizarre as to alienate the listener, yet interesting enough to be intriguing. The whole EP sounds as organic as it’s subject matter.

Brooches – Swans

Nice Icles – Shiverburn (ft. Kwala) by Chris
June 26, 2012, 2:31 PM
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Nice Icles’ release on DAGOBOT features some great trip-hop composition, and general electronica goodness. The release’s title track features some collaboration with Kwala; creating a jangular future beat piece, kind of similar to something Fly-Lo would develop. Unfortunately, the track finishes quite suddenly, but luckily the rest of the fantastic record is there to follow it up- only a dollar of DAGOBOT‘s bandcamp.

Nice Icles – Shiverburn (ft. Kwala)

Ackryte – Filmstrip by Chris

Cascade Records has overtaken Warp and Ninja Tune for me when it comes to exciting new releases; the Paris-based label is constantly supporting underground gold- and their latest release with Resistant Mindz is no exception.

A great compilation with some fantastic post-hip-hop/trip-hop etc. sounds from a plethora of talented artists, including FTR faves BrokeRepeat Pattern and Ackryte (above), there’s some real special creativity running through the grooves of this record, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

Subvader – Many Moons by Chris

If music genres were the same as film genres, then Subvader‘s Forever Leaving EP would be right up there as a Science-Fiction masterpiece.

The whole EP is very well-crafted and atmospheric. Rather than a mish-mash of various tracks, the whole thing has a particular tone and theme but manages to express it in ways that do not get boring. I would have ordered the tracks differently, having it open with the swirling synth arpeggios of The Cave and then having it move in deeper- but there’s no use needling down criticism on small stuff  like that when you have such a great overall piece of work.


Subvader – Many Moons


Daisuke Tanabe – Ate by Chris
April 27, 2012, 2:07 PM
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Daisuke Tanabe (who also goes by simply ‘dt‘) put this Acid Jazzy number out about a month ago on Soundcloud. It took a-while to settle in, but by the second listen I was absolutely hooked. The clever subtleties excel in Ate, creating a dynamic track comprised of tightly meshed vocal snippets and percussive glitches. Amazing creative work;

Daisuke Tanabe – Ate



Ta-Ku – Pokyo by Chris
April 23, 2012, 12:44 PM
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Aussie Perth-based producer Ta-Ku made an appearance on the Anesthetic mixtape with On the Floor taken from his brill EP Scraps Vol. 2; and more officially- Huh What & Where‘s recent free compilation HW&W Vol. 1.

Tight stuff, great to come back to music like this after a week or two detached from the earth. Pokyo is a neat electronica piece grounded firmly in hip-hop… Expect to see a-lot more of this guy’s name popping up all around; he’s already gained some pretty substantial recognition and support, but we can only sit idly by and wait for him to drop a proper album sometime.

Ta-Ku – Pokyo



Rest of HW&W comp:


Fuck the Radio Anesthetic Mixtape by Chris

Here’s the NINTH FUCK THE RADIO mixtape, titled Anesthetic (although I promise it wont put you to sleep). Featuring 15 great tracks from artists all over the world; there’s a focus on future-beat/trip-hop this time, which will keep you head-bopping along in the car/train/bedroom/wherever you listen to music.

It’s free, so you really can’t lose. Get on it.


Insightful – She Bad by Chris
April 2, 2012, 3:05 PM
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Great free release from Insightful, The San Diego-based producer signed to Soulection.

The 17-track album is grounded in future-beat, trip-hop and the other genres us radio fuckers love. However there’s a distinct  twist in the sounds used which puts Feather’d Son out of the increasingly ubiquitous (yet still loved) realm of ‘triggering samples on an MPC’ and into ‘electronic music’. She Bad for instance, is less kick-snare driven than it is pulled along by the melodic synth- in a genre where rhythmic percussion dominates, it’s an interesting (and dare I say unconventional) take on the genre’s nuances.

Shlomo lovers will dig the creativity and electronic-fusion within the music, as will the masses of Flying Lotus and Nosaj Thing followers out there. Make sure you check out the full album (it’s free good music!)

Insightful – She Bad

Feather’d Son:


Yellow Tangerine – First Juice EP by Chris

I bought Yellow Tangerine‘s First Juice EP a little over a week ago and burnt it to CD so I could listen to it in the car. Now I’m worried the CD will disintegrate inside my player because I’m playing it to oblivion.

Throwing elements of electronica, future beat, trip-hop and even a hint of funky house into a blender, the resulting smoothie of sound is something to be appreciated by fans of FlyLo and Bibio.

The EP’s standout track for me would have to be Paul Goes To Paris, which combines funky dance elements with some quasi-experimental glitching effects to produce a real head-bopper. Douu-Eeen sounds to me like something between The Avalanches and Daedelus. There’s a free download up of what I assume is the demo version of the track, which contains more letters in the title than the album version:

Yellow Tangerine – douuu-eeeeeeeeen

And the entire 6-track EP is available on bandcamp for roughly the cost of a large cheesburger meal at McDonalds:


If Soundcloud is your thang you can also check him out here:


JONGPADAWAN – Afternoon Croissant by Chris
March 7, 2012, 1:04 PM
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A delightful trip-hop/future-beat style track from Denmark’s JONGPADAWAN. I’m not sure I’ve ever posted a Danish artist on FTR before, however if Afternoon Croissant is any indication of the quality of music coming from the Danes- I’ll be looking there more often.

A nice mix of smooth jazz and deep percussive elements, heavy compression is any trip-hopper’s friend, and JONGPADAWAN has executed his production techniques very well. The track avoids being a tedious sample loop by gradually switching up the beats, switching in and out different instrumental elements (a smooth tenor sax dips in and out as the beat goes on) and a suave French vocal sample keeps things sexy.

A debut EP is on the horizon with Greased Up Records announcing their first public EP release will be with him- release date TBA. Until then, enjoy Afternoon Croissant.

JONGPADAWAN – Afternoon Croissant




Elaquent – Sepia Tone by Chris
February 18, 2012, 9:24 PM
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Normally I don’t post on weekends, but I thought I’d share this…

hi. i make beats. i love sega. nintendos dope too, but i grew up on sega. batman is my favourite superhero. i dont quantize my drums. my kungfu movie collection is over 400 films easy. and i rep Gill Breathing. that about sums me up.

one love, 

Innobushu – Moonlight by Chris
February 17, 2012, 12:21 PM
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There’s something about the crackly-popping sound of an old vinyl record that I really dig, so when Innobushu‘s Moonlight opened with 90 or so seconds of the sound, I already knew I was in for a treat.

However, it’s not the lo-fi vinyl crackle that makes this a neat track, Moonlight‘s instrumentation is a great mix of synth leads and lo-fi jazz/soul samples. The highlight for me would be the syncopated drums which Innobushu pulls off perfectly- odd enough to be interesting, yet still rhythmic enough to bop your head to- this is possibly the greatest challenge when it comes to making future-beat, and in Moonlight it’s really tight.

Soulful and atmospheric, Moonlight is more than just a ‘beat’, it’s an instrumental song. Check it out:

Innobushu – Moonlight



Zerolex – All Over Again by Chris
February 13, 2012, 10:00 AM
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The underground trip-hop community may seem like a never-ending sea of sampled beats and bedroom producers. And for the most part, it is! Albeit a glorious one full of unique rhythmic gems. Every now and then, in this new-age of internet distribution, a funny thing happens…

I had just purchased Zerolex‘s 2.z EP  (off of bandcamp for only €1!) when no more than an hour later I got an email from Zerolex himself pointing me towards his music. I clicked the links he provided, stared at the album art for awhile thinking “Wow, this looks very familiar” until I realised he was currently playing in my iTunes.

All Over Again is the first of two tracks off of his more recent release on Combien Millie Records, which is available for free download. There’s some great future beat style trip-hop elements present throughout his tracks, and some really diverse and interesting sounds being used as well- check it out!


Zerolex – All Over Again






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