Wafia & Japanese Wallpaper Show by Chris
March 14, 2013, 5:04 PM
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An exciting all-ages show is hard to come by. I don’t say this to complain about today’s tasteless youth (although the existence of One Direction proves that there is indeed an abundance of that), I say this because it was not very long ago that I too was an under-age music fan, desperately craving an event I could legally go to without some over-priced flavour of the month pop-headliner (whatever happened to Wynter Gordon?).

Brisbane-based indie-folk artist Wafia is being joined by Fuck the Radio favourite Japanese Wallpaper on the Melbourne leg of her short tour at 1000 pound Bend this Sunday and everyone (young and old) is invited.

If you are in Melbourne, why not go grab a beer/juice and kick back to some tunes in our extended summer.

The Leech Woman Mixtape by Chris

So Beyonce just released her new song called Run the World (Girls) and it is TERRIBLE.

Diplo & Switch re-using thier old Pon de Floor beat (seriously guys, I’ve heard you use it with La Roux, Afrojack and Major Lazer already, time to come up with something original!)

LUCKILY Fuck the Radio is here to do some radio FUCKING and together with b& has shown that girls can at the very least ROCK the world.


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