Don Da None – Le Bas Coté (Instrumental) by Chris

When I was about 13 years old I loved the german industrial-metal band Rammstein. I loved them so much it inspired me to learn German… until I found out I was head-banging along to graphic lyrics about gay sex. This isn’t something I’m against; It was just a little shocking for my 13-year old self. Then I looked at the cover of my favourite album- an image of the band shirtless and oiled up, standing in-front of a giant flower… it was never the same.

I did see Rammstein live many years later and they were amazing… but something about the muscular front-man in make-up, adorned with feathers and tight black leather just haunted the back of my mind… Mann gegen Mann
Meine Haut gehört den Herren… 

Now the reason I bring up Rammstein is not because of their deceptively homosexual lyrics, but because I haven’t ever loved a foreign band so much as to want to learn the intricacies of their language since I was 13 and head-banging away to German metal…

This time in French; NÉBULEUSE(s) is an album title I’m not even going to BEGIN to try and pronounce. My French is a bit rusty these days (read: ‘non-existent’), but that didn’t stop me from getting into talented French hip-hop artist Don Da None, who self-released his debut EP Nébuleuse(s) for only €3 in November last year.

Don Da None‘s lyrics flow so well  that it makes me wish I could speak French. There’s a sophistication in the way he speaks which compliments the amazing self-produced beats very well. Borrowing samples from rare soul and jazz records, Nébuleuse(s) would work as an instrumental album in it’s own right… In-fact, I have an instrumental copy of  Le Bas Coté to give you!

Don Da None – Le Bas Coté (Instrumental)

You should also check out the rest of his debut EP here:



Oliver Tank’s Dreams by Chris
December 15, 2011, 1:56 PM
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A few posts back I posted Sydney-based chillwave artist Oliver Tank.

His debut EP Dreams is out as a digital download on bandcamp and iTunes, however there is a large push to get the release pressed onto vinyl. This is very expensive and is being funded by pre-orders of the album itself- so if you’d like to support amazing hard-working musicians and get a physical copy of the vinyl, I urge you to check out:


Oliver Tank has been on the up and up lately, getting his music featured in this very powerful (and popular) gay-rights video by Get Up! brought his music to a-lot more people.

Vinyl has been deemed ‘old-fashioned’ by many (any they are quite right), in-fact, my father was surprised they still release new things on vinyl. The truth is, there’s something magical about vinyl that a CD or MP3 file lacks- that is, that the grooves in the wax literally are  the physical manifestation of the music. It’s the closest thing we have to capturing sound into something you can hold in your hands. There are still Djs that work using vinyl exclusively, and there are many more (myself included… albeit my collection is pathetic) that collect their favourite songs/artists in vinyl records. They are rarities that you often cannot find anywhere else. In this case with Oliver Tank you can not only be involved in helping create the vinyl, but be an owner of one of the only 300 copies.



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