Polographia – Sunsets by Chris
November 10, 2011, 2:12 AM
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There’s an inherent irony about having a blog called Fuck the Radio and then expanding it into a radio show- almost equally ironic is posting Polographia‘s  5-track long masterpiece  Sunsets, as the record’s opening track Righteous Hit has enjoyed a whole lot of radio play lately- and deservedly so. If you were to delve deeper into the irony of Sunset‘s rlease I suppose you could point out that it was released at midnight, long after the sun had set… But this is where the irony stops; as everything else about Sunsets is ridiculously spot on.

Each of the 5 tracks on the album teem with an euphoric sense of summer-beauty that is held together with such thematic artistry it’d be fair to call Sunsets a concept album rather than a meaningless mish-mash of random tracks. There is nothing but warmth beaming from the eclectic collection sounds used- from dancing flute melodies to nostalgic 80s organ-synths, organic-sounding pads and even some dreamy vocals. There is a slight contemporary electronic-disco feel present throughout the record’s opener Righteous Hit that carries on subtly in all 5 of the tracks; this complements the overall glo-fi/chillwave sounds Polographia have composed with an authentic naturalism which seems too good to be giving away for free.

Speaking of giving away for free- stop reading and pick up your free digital download before they all get snapped up!

Polographia – Sunsets

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