Sorg – Remote by Chris

Much like the nouvelle vague du rock français scene that saw the rise of garage-rock bands like Naast and my beloved Plasticines in France, there’s a new breed of underground beat-makers in France seeing the creation of a new-wave of electronica and hip-hop.

Sorg is one such artist at the forefront of the emerging scene, joining artists such as Miqi O, Zerolex and Don Da None in bringing a blend of sample-based, electronic and acoustic instrumentation to trip-hop for a sound which, sounds just as uniquely French as French house does.

Check out Zerolex‘s new album which features both Sorg and Don Da None: http://zerolex.bandcamp.com/album/musique-r-apprivois-e

And if you like what you hear, check out Sorg‘s Preface EP, It’s an underground gem: http://sorg.bandcamp.com/

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