Somepling – flavaMemo by Chris
January 14, 2012, 12:02 PM
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French Trip-Hopper Somepling released his free EP Properly Packed for free on Wednesday and I’ve finally gotten the chance to give it a proper listen through.

Fans of DJ Shadow and other alternative hip-hop beats producers will appreciate the overall soul of Somepling‘s work; the magic that can be created on an Akai MPC2000 is unreal when put into the correct music junkie’s hands. It is no wonder Somepling has garnered support from so many artists and labels.

Properly Packed is a collection of tracks that have been given away for free on his Soundcloud here and there, packed into one neat package. You can give the full album a download off of his Bandcamp page, where the option is to donate a measly $5 or just grab it for free off the provided mediafire link.


Somepling – flavaMemo





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