Jordan F – Aurora by Chris
August 17, 2012, 12:00 AM
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Calvin Harris sung about life was better in the 80s and artists like Sydney-based Jordan F have been incorporating this theory into their music since the re-emergence of the cheesy synth sounds of chillwave.

There’s something strangely motivational about the sounds of phat-filtered Roland synths and TR-808s, but Jordan F takes it a step further- with just enough modern flair to avoid invoking images of jelly bracelets and, like, totally grody hairdos (see what I did?- 80s slang).

If I was going to go back in time have sex with the hot redhead from the breakfast club… or Ferris Bueller’s girlfriend- I’d have something like Aurora as the soundtrack for sure.

Jordan F – Aurora

100 Akres – Anyone by Chris
February 27, 2012, 3:12 PM
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Sonic Youth‘s Thurston Moore once said “I only listen to cassettes”, and I cannot really claim to have the same level of dedication and indie cred… But I do remember listening to tunes on my old tape-deck, and who doesn’t enjoy a little nostalgia once and awhile?

100 Akres is a beat-tape label, which puts out some consistently neat cassette tapes, as well as their digital download releases. Recently I got an email telling me that there was a free mixtape hidden somewhere on their website…

Anyone is one  the tracks off of the hidden tape, a majority of my trip-hop collection comes from sampled jazz and soul tracks, but Anyone seems to shy away from that trend, bringing some neato 80s synth sounds into the mix. Give it a download, then while you listen, try to find the rest of the hidden tape at 100akres.com

100 Akres – Anyone


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