A Bliss Abyss – Moksha by Chris

AND we are back to regular posting schedule. What better way to kick off the week by welcoming all the new members of the Fuck the Radio family to an old favourite; A Bliss Abyss.

The North-Carolina based musician/psycho friend of mine has up and left his friends and family to hike the Appalachian trail solo with little resources to seek solitude. It’s some serious Into the Wild movie style shit, and standing at roughly 2,180 miles- the Appalachian trail passes through no less than 14 American states, and is one of the longest marked hiking trails in the world. Only one-quarter of those who attempt to hike the entire trail succeed. The journey typically takes six months to complete.

Anyway, enough of the geography lesson, you’re here for music; and A Bliss Abyss is one of the most talented and brilliant producers I have ever met. He released his EP for free download off of his website and is surviving entirely on the donations of fans.

The Moksha EP itself is one of the most beautifully crafted records of the year. I can’t recommend it more highly. An amazing blend of electronic music combined with guitar, topped off with brilliant production skills and an ear for incredible detail- this is something to have on repeat for quite a while. Grab it for free off of his website:


Sesar – Sól by Chris
November 19, 2011, 5:22 PM
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All the way from Iceland we have Sesar with a melodic track called Sól – which google translate tells me means Solar in Icelandic; fitting perhaps that it complements the previous few space-themed tracks I’ve posted.

It’s a melodic progressive techno track with some vocals that remind me of uplifting trance. Check it out if you enjoyed 06R – AIR. It’s also got a neat guitar section towards the end.


Sesar – Sól



06R – Air by Chris
November 14, 2011, 12:00 AM
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06R released Air just 15 days ago at the time of writing. It’s an upbeat fusion of melodic trance and progressive house- two genres that I have never really enjoyed on their own, but 06R has got me interested with Air.

It opens with a break-beat-style percussion pattern, and gradually (or as the genre would suggest- porgressivley, harhar) builds into a trance-like melodic dance track.

Also, I like 06R‘s logo.

I’ve removed the download as 06R is submitting Air to labels. Check out his Soundcloud!





Above & Beyond – Filmic by Chris
August 17, 2011, 12:00 AM
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I’m not normally a trance fan, but a friend leant me Above & Beyond‘s Group Therapy and I’m actually digging it. a nice mix of chilled electronica and uplifting trance, give the opening track Filmic a listen and see if you can resist trying out the rest of the album.

Above & Beyond – Filmic

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