Fuck the Radio Anesthetic Mixtape by Chris

Here’s the NINTH FUCK THE RADIO mixtape, titled Anesthetic (although I promise it wont put you to sleep). Featuring 15 great tracks from artists all over the world; there’s a focus on future-beat/trip-hop this time, which will keep you head-bopping along in the car/train/bedroom/wherever you listen to music.

It’s free, so you really can’t lose. Get on it.


Interview: Amable by Chris

I’ve spoken about the wonderfully different-yet-accessible music of Florida-based beatmaker Amable before on Fuck the Radio; most recently supporting his latest free EP release, The Bundle which is filled with some great experimental beats.

It’s with great pleasure that I interviewed the man behind the music in a special weekend post:

What was the idea behind the bundle? Was there any particular idea/concept behind it?

The Bundle is a collection of older songs that I did for various Strange Gibberish downloads. I wanted to shed light on some older songs and give something to the people who have been supporting my music.

A-lot of it is sample-based, are there any bizarre sample sources that you’ve snuck in?

That’s a good question. I would say the most ‘bizarre’ sample source used was a recording I made while under a highway overpass. I recorded the sounds of the cars passing overhead which created a sound similar to crashing waves with a reverb effect. Those sounds ended up being used for the intro to Bajo Del Calle.

Tell us about the artwork…

The artwork was created by Bradly Head, he is the proprietor of Gewih Ritual Documents.  He’s done great artwork for the label so I was psyched when he offered to do the cover.  Bradly made a joke about making a reference to Al Bundy from Married with Children so we ran with it. The Polk High Jersey and the Dodge Dart are obvious Al Bundy references. The cassette head of the character makes reference to my previous cassette release as well as my upcoming release. Also, the image on the stamp is of me as a child. Altogether, I thought the throwback concept was appropriate since the songs on The Bundle are older releases.

What music do you listen to when you are alone and not producing? Are there any particular songs/artists/records you have on repeat at the moment?

I’m always looking for samples so I listen to all kinds of music. At the moment, my favorite album is Synesthesia by K-the-ii?? on Fake Four Inc. It’s his first official instrumental album and it’s the most unique album I’ve heard to come out of the L.A. beat scene. His CD hasn’t left my player for three weeks now.

Tell us a little about your musical history? What did you grow-up listening to and how did you get to where you are now?

The first piece of music that I owned was an old school hip hop compilation cassette tape when I was about 8 or 9 years old. It had UTFOFat BoysWhodini, Roxanne and a bunch of others. Later that year a friend gave me a copy of RUN DMC‘s Raising Hell, so that was my catalyst for collecting music. I grew up listening to everything, classic rock, metal, alternative, r&b, hip hop, jazz, soul, funk, whatever. Eventually I really got into underground hip hop and the whole beat movement going on with Ninja TuneMowaxHefty and OM in the early years. This lead me into djing and digging for records which lead me into making beats.

Do you have any guilty pleasures/things people would be surprised you have in your music collection?

Sea and Cake, Pelican, Donovan.

What is your alcoholic beverage of choice?

That’s a tie between a Crown and ginger ale or a vodka with blood red orange juice.

Most overrated thing in music today?



by Chris
March 8, 2012, 3:31 PM
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I just woke up with a killer hangover and I have uni in 20mins so I apologise this post will be a mish-mash of various things:


Cascade Records just launched their 12″ series with Prof. Logik‘s Multi Dimension (see video). I’ve pre-ordered my copy a-long with a swanky new t-shirt (only 20 euro for the T-shirt+Vinyl combo!) which will get me girls on tap. You can pre-order your copy (digital downloads also available) here.


Amable just announced via Facebook that he will be releasing an 11 track album called “The Bundle” on March 20th for FREE! You can check out his track Spooky Bounce in a previous post here.


Poncho just released a new episode of their music/comedy web series. If you are not familiar with them I recommend you check them out, they’ve interviewed a huge range of different artists from Foster the People to Skrillex to smaller (yet brilliant) local faves like Northeast Party House. Their latest episode is a silent film- ala The Artist, and has one of the greatest (and worst) endings of all time. Check it out.


Talk soon!

Fabled Enemies Live! by Chris
February 21, 2012, 2:09 AM
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I’ve spoken just recently about my lack of multi-linguistic talent, but this one’s pretty simple…

Fabled Enemies are one of the select few artists to earn the Fuck the Radio ‘brilliant’ tag, and they sure did deserve it!

Finally bringing their dubstep/glitch-hop sound to the live stage, the guys need votes to play in Melkweg Amsterdam, and it’s so simple to vote that it should be a crime not to.

The website is in Dutch, but if I could figure it out, I’m sure you can too- and considering a substantial amount of my readership is from The Netherlands (hinting at the fact that you must need weed to enjoy my blog) I’m sure there won’t be any confusion when it comes to clicking this link -> http://www.groteprijsvan.nl/deelnemer/fabled-enemies/ and pressing the big blue button that says ‘STEM!’

Help ’em out!

You can also check out their music on this blog or at their Soundcloud page.

Censorship and Blogging by Chris

Last night, popular Melbourne-based dubstep music blog Daftwho? had it’s Mediafire account deleted in the wake of the US Government’s recent over-zealous crusade against online piracy, loosing 2,300+ songs.

Many of these songs were promotional copies that the artists had sent to Daftwho? with the hopes that their music would be promoted to a wide audience of potential fans. The blog was very successful for this purpose, with many underground and unheard-of artists gaining fans out of those who had downloaded their music off the blog for free.

As you probably know, Fuck the Radio also utilizes Mediafire to distribute its content and operates under a very similar posting model.  Copyrighted tracks have been posted on FTR in the past; however due to several DMCA clashes and several artists contacting me with requests for removal- I haven’t operated with that method for quite some time, instead opting to only promote artists who are already granting free promotional downloads, with a special focus on those who deserve more attention than they are getting for their creation.

Artists celebrate blogs such as Daftwho? and Fuck the Radio for sharing their creations, while the ‘content-mafia’ such as the RIAA cling to obsolete business models which primarily serve the industry’s business side rather than independent and highly talented artists. Recent lobbying of the government by these companies has resulted in legislation such as Stop Online Priacy Act (SOPA), Protect-IP Act (PIPA) (which we’ve all heard so much about) and the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) which threatens our civil liberties, freedom of speech, net neutrality, right to online privacy and damages creative freedom for artists.

Support independent record labels, support independent artists, support independent blogs and music.

Fuck the Radio

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