7even Sun – New New Jack by Chris

France is the home to most of my favourite artists… Daft Punk, Plasticines, Edgard Varèse… the list goes on. I don’t know what they put in the frog legs over there, but something makes them good at producing groovy music.

Take 7even Sun for example, who has put out two completely free and awesome electronic-jazz albums that are scrumptiously funky. With a third on it’s way on the 28th of March,  get into him now so you can say you dug him since his older albums.

New New Jack is from the first EP titled Abstractly Concrete which was released November last year. Filled with a great mix of sample-based jazz and electronic funk, 7even shows that he possesses more musical ability than simply stringing a few sampled loops together without any creative attention to detail.

His second free instrumental EP titled Concretely Abstract was released late Feburary 2012, and builds upon the same production styles and sounds used in Abstractly Concrete (no surprise there, due to the similarity of the titles, think of it as all the same project). The third EP will be titled Abscrete and is due out on Number 24 Records later this month.

7even Sun – New New Jack





Geotic – Bless the Self by Chris
December 23, 2011, 12:57 AM
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 Will Wiesenfeld has operated under numerous aliases, including his most famous monkier Baths and his older project [Post-Foetus].

Geotic is an ambient/minimal side-project by Wiesenfeld that has seen the multiple free releases on here. His most recent release- the EP entitled Bless the Self is what I’m posting about this fine summery night.

In Australia, we have summer during Christmas time, and so rather than associating the festive season with snowmen and ice-skating- it’s all about sitting back on the beach with your mates under the hot summer sun… Or enjoying a sunny Christmas bbq with a beer in hand. If you were to capture the feeling of Christmas in Australia on a super-8 film (to the young kids… that means something like the ‘hipstermatic’ app on your iPhone), Bless the Self would be a suitable soundtrack, joyous and colourful, filled with smiling girls wearing sunglasses laughing happily on the sandy beach. This probably comes from the soothing field-recording of the sound of light wind that Wiesenfeld has utilized throughout the record reminding me of waves at the beach.

The whole album plays through gaplessley- working much like a 14minute long ambient track, it is true that the whole is much greater that the sum of each individual track. In fact, I would hazard a guess and say that Bless the Self began it’s life as one track that was split up into 5 separate parts. For this reason I’m not going to bother posting a Fuck the Radio download, but rather link you to the official download for the EP itself. Don’t worry- it’s still free. Although Geotic appreciates donations made here.


Geotic – Bless the Self

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Caribou – Village by Chris
November 30, 2011, 12:00 PM
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So the first thing I posted on this blog was Rachel’s with Wouldn’t Live Anywhere Else (read the post here) which is an abstract-sound scape-meets-experimental-chamber-music piece. Caribou has posted a more raw soundscape on Soundcloud, and I’m a real sucker for the genre so I thought I’d share it.

I understand a-lot of people can’t really get into the idea of ‘found sound’ pieces; in-fact awhile ago I quoted Edgar Varèse in saying “Music is organised sound”, and Village is a track that challenges this idea to it’s very core.

Simply put, Village is a recording of two or three men having a causal conversation about text messaging in what sounds like a restaurant- but I think there’s a somewhat romanticised idea behind recording and sharing the sounds of civilization. I think John Cage put it best when he was talking about his composition 4’33” (an infamous contemporary peice which consisted of nothing but 4’33” of silence, which I’ve linked here)

There’s no such thing as silence. What they thought was silence, because they didn’t know how to listen, was full of accidental sounds.

While Cage‘s 4’33” is very much about experiencing the present moment that the piece is being performed, Caribou‘s Village presents a twist to the idea, which gives you the opportunity to experience a different setting, on the other side of the planet. Upon each listen your imagination adds more and more to the piece, at first I was interested in the conversation that can be heard, then the surrounding environment- the cars, the clanging of cutlery, the subtle noises of distant chirping birds.

Village is a minute-long moment captured forever through sound, bottled up in an mp3 file and able to be revisited again and again.

Caribou – Village

Amon Tobin – Foley Room by Chris
September 9, 2011, 12:14 PM
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Have I not posted this yet!?

An experimental track from one of my fave record labels Ninja Tune, Amon Tobin‘s Foley Room is an ingenious creation that takes the theory of musique concrete to a new level. In fact, they even made a freakin’ documentary about how it was recorded because it’s so bad ass. Pick up the album, andtake a listen to the title track in the meantime.

<download removed at request>

Rachel’s – Wouldn’t Live Anywhere Else by Chris

Quiet, visual. Close your eyes and really listen.

Rachel’s – Wouldn’t Live Anywhere Else

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