Indigo High – Delighted by Chris
October 22, 2012, 2:44 PM
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Indigo High with some proper decent acid jazz out of Chicago. Just listen to those keys.

Kawakami Kohei – Ghost Scale by Chris
September 18, 2012, 11:34 PM
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Continuing on from my last post of glitchy electronic goodness, I’m going for something a tad more accessible, consider your training wheels if you are having trouble getting into the more experimental sides of IDM. Kawakami Kohei’s Ghost Scale is hands down fucking dope. Meticulous attention to detail, endless slicing, dicing and re-arranging create what is one of the most interesting listens I’ve posted in a-while. Check it:

Colossius – CAS L​.​A​. by Chris
September 14, 2012, 12:47 PM
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I know hectic glitchy experimental electronica might not be everybody’s jam, but I’m pretty pumped to have this new ltd. edition 7″ by Colossius zooming across the ocean towards my house.

Released as a celebration of independent label Fresh yO!‘s 2nd birthday; the digital download is pro bono and the vinyl is a measly 6 euros if you are interested- fans of Aphex Twin and Venetian Snares‘ wilder stuff will probably find the two tracks a-lot more accessible, and I’m sure Autechre fans will appreciate the wacked out hints of hip-hop in ISOL8.

CAS L.A. is a chaotic mash of electronic bleeps and bloops, it’s addictive and well-thought out. The surgically sliced up samples and bizarre synths come together in a syncopated rhythmic EXPERIENCE LIKE NO OTHER.

How’s that for a review? Pretty nifty eh? Just check it out; you either enjoy IDM or you don’t… kinda like licorice.

Ogdah – Mood Swinging by Chris
January 22, 2012, 4:08 PM
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Ogdah‘s groovy acid-jazz price Mood Swinging is so cool!

The drums are glitched to perfection- it can be very easy for over-zealous producers to overdo the effects but Ogdah utilizes his stutters and gates with rhythmic musicality. The samples are awesome (especially the one that opens the track), and the acid-jazz feel really grounds the track into something that is pleasing to listen to.

Also, it’s more music from the Netherlands!? WHAT IS UP WITH THAT PLACE?


Ogdah – Mood Swinging




Astro Nautico – Kuhn Version by Chris
November 16, 2011, 12:00 AM
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Kuhn has been getting some attention for his release Slime Beach, played by XFM dj Mary Anne Hobbs last month. This release with Astro Nautico is more a of a trip-hoppy acid-jazzstep style track which is quite intriguing.


Astro Nautico – Kuhn Version





(Note to self: I have to stop making up genres like acid-jazzstep)

Venetian Snares – Chainsaw Fellatio by Chris
September 12, 2011, 12:00 AM
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Venetian Snares does some pretty rad stuff. Similar to Aphex Twin, not quite accessible to the virgin listener, his breakcore/acid sound is pretty hectic, and the brilliantly named Chainsaw Fellatio is no exception. On my first listen I was enjoying the acid bassline melody until I felt like I was getting assaulted by some fucking hi-hat sample (you’ll see what I’m talking about). Then it all fades away, and at about the 1:30 mark, shit gets TIGHT. A hip-hop beat takes you off guard and suddenly you feel like c-walking your ass to the nearest DMT dealer. Give it a listen, I guarantee you’ll have trouble finding anything quite like it:

Venetian Snares – Chainsaw Fellatio


Secret Knives – Black Hole by Chris
September 1, 2011, 12:00 AM
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Secret Knives are one of those amazing acid rock bands. A real pleasure to listen to. Really organic- if you love groups like Yeysayer, Tame Impala, Animal Collective and The XX then chances are you’ll love the sadly lesser known Secret Knives.


FTR download:

Secret Knives – Black Hole

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