Kaligraph E – Done Good EP by Chris

It’s wet in Melbourne at the moment, and I mean that in the ‘rainy and miserable’ sense… not the “haha- you said ‘wet'” way.

Luckily there’s some summery tunes out there that can always brighten up the cloudy grey weather until it changes radically the next minute.

An artist who seems to specialise in such tunes is Kaligraph E, who’s Done Good EP  was released on UK-based cassette-tape label 100 Akres last month. Funnily enough, Kaligrah E resides in Melbourne himself, so I’m not sure where the inspiration for these sunny tunes is coming from- but I’d sure love a taste!

The whole EP is available for a choose your price (with no minimum) off of Bandcamp direct download, so you can grab it there for free if you like! It’s got some neat remixes from Fuck the Radio faves Handbook and Vanilla

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Straight to the point and well written! Why can’t everyone else be like this?

Comment by Penny Imes

[…] Tomei shows a subtle hint of down-tempo romanticism and tranquil repose. I’m posting Kaligraph E‘s harder remix of Bugz from a few months back though. It’s a stand […]

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