Fabled Enemies Live! by Chris
February 21, 2012, 2:09 AM
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I’ve spoken just recently about my lack of multi-linguistic talent, but this one’s pretty simple…

Fabled Enemies are one of the select few artists to earn the Fuck the Radio ‘brilliant’ tag, and they sure did deserve it!

Finally bringing their dubstep/glitch-hop sound to the live stage, the guys need votes to play in Melkweg Amsterdam, and it’s so simple to vote that it should be a crime not to.

The website is in Dutch, but if I could figure it out, I’m sure you can too- and considering a substantial amount of my readership is from The Netherlands (hinting at the fact that you must need weed to enjoy my blog) I’m sure there won’t be any confusion when it comes to clicking this link -> http://www.groteprijsvan.nl/deelnemer/fabled-enemies/ and pressing the big blue button that says ‘STEM!’

Help ’em out!

You can also check out their music on this blog or at their Soundcloud page.

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