Amable – Spooky Bounce by Chris
February 6, 2012, 2:39 PM
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Amable‘s Spooky Bounce is indeed spooky… and bouncy! (the epitome of music journalism right there).

The spookiness is in the subtleties, a sampled piano loop- complete with crisp vinyl pops and crackles- oh the joys of trip-hop!

Meanwhile a grimey saw bassline teams up with an exceptionally neat percussive drum-part to keep the track moving along. It’s as if a ghetto gang of werewolves and zombies (complete with low-riding pants and excessive amounts of dollar-sign gold necklaces) are strutting their stuff down the graveyard main-street at midnight, boom-box on shoulder, blasting this spooky trip-hop tune.


Amable – Spooky Bounce



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[…] Amable just announced via facebook hat he will be releasing an 11 track album called “The Bundle” on March 20th for FREE! You can check out his track Spooky Bounce in a previous post here. […]

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