Gorilla Junk – Unknown Voyage So Far by Chris
January 30, 2012, 11:36 AM
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The sounds of Gorilla Junk are a mish-mash of familiar instrumentation and unique creativity, (I could swear there is a paper-rustling sample in Unkown Voyage So Far) something admirable and risky- yet pulled off very well in this case.

The melodic rock influence in Unkown Voyage is prevalent- there’s even some distorted backing guitar (something we don’t hear much of on FTR), award for most unique sound however goes to the use of the aussie didgeridoo during the track’s second half which serves as an interesting backing to a loud jazzy bass. Give it a listen!

Gorilla Junk – Unknown Voyage So Far



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this is great. thanks for appreciating and your kind words. I always try to do something a bit different to what i’ve done before and every now and then it comes out ok. thanks again, gj

Comment by gorilla junk


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