Censorship and Blogging by Chris

Last night, popular Melbourne-based dubstep music blog Daftwho? had it’s Mediafire account deleted in the wake of the US Government’s recent over-zealous crusade against online piracy, loosing 2,300+ songs.

Many of these songs were promotional copies that the artists had sent to Daftwho? with the hopes that their music would be promoted to a wide audience of potential fans. The blog was very successful for this purpose, with many underground and unheard-of artists gaining fans out of those who had downloaded their music off the blog for free.

As you probably know, Fuck the Radio also utilizes Mediafire to distribute its content and operates under a very similar posting model.  Copyrighted tracks have been posted on FTR in the past; however due to several DMCA clashes and several artists contacting me with requests for removal- I haven’t operated with that method for quite some time, instead opting to only promote artists who are already granting free promotional downloads, with a special focus on those who deserve more attention than they are getting for their creation.

Artists celebrate blogs such as Daftwho? and Fuck the Radio for sharing their creations, while the ‘content-mafia’ such as the RIAA cling to obsolete business models which primarily serve the industry’s business side rather than independent and highly talented artists. Recent lobbying of the government by these companies has resulted in legislation such as Stop Online Priacy Act (SOPA), Protect-IP Act (PIPA) (which we’ve all heard so much about) and the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) which threatens our civil liberties, freedom of speech, net neutrality, right to online privacy and damages creative freedom for artists.

Support independent record labels, support independent artists, support independent blogs and music.

Fuck the Radio

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