Nowan – Quantum Reality by Chris
December 27, 2011, 12:02 PM
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Nowan is a Sweedish producer who has been putting out some beautiful IDM tracks. He’s been picked up by Screwloose Records (who sign dubstep badmen KOAN Sound and Tim Ismag) to release a debut EP early next year.

This track Quantum Reality was released as part of Screwloose’s free Christmas EP which you can find here. It’s fundamentally an IDM track, but now that ‘dubstep’ is such a blog-friendly genre label, I suppose it would be fair to call it that as well. There is a deep sub-bass throughout that grounds the whole track, leaving the beautiful synths and pads to create an expansive atmosphere throughout. This is not a track for laptop speakers or ipod headphones. This is something to play though a proper stereo-system and really enjoy.The glitchy effects and drums are used to perfect effect- somethimes it can be too tempting for artists to over-use stuttering effects and sliced samples in IDM, leaving the track sounding messy; but Nowan has utilised them perfectly.

Nowan – Quantum Reality


Screwloose EP:

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