Thrupence – White Kite by Chris
December 7, 2011, 12:00 PM
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Apologies for the slack posting, I was recovering from my Dubcage launch hangover. As a shameless publicity stunt, every 10 likes we got at http://www.facebook.com/dubcage resulted in us doing a shot of liquor on air… and let me tell you, 22 shots of bourbon was never meant to be consumed by any human. You can catch Dubcage at 10pm Melbourne time Sunday nights at dubcage.com or on 88.3 Southern FM.

Speaking of Melbourne, our artist Thrupence also hails from this part of the world. I’m really digging his soothing electronica, in-between chillwave and ambient with a romantic twist, Thrupence writes nothing on his Soundcloud page description other than I try to make beautiful things – an accomplishment well earned I think. I’d love to post all of his music, but I’ll give you his latest track and leave the link to his Soundcloud for you to explore.


Thrupence – White Kite



PS: Check out another Fuck the Radio Radio Show coming soon…

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[…] 10 minutes ago (at the time of writing), this is chilled-out trip-hop at it’s best. Fans of Thrupence and Polographia (both are also talented Aussie producers) will dig, and Oliver Tank fans might […]

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