Ephk – You Will Never Disappear (Mr. Blonde remix) by Chris
November 30, 2011, 4:15 PM
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So the past week or so I’ve been hard at work preparing for the launch of two new radio shows on 88.3 Southern FM (A Melbourne radio station). One is a monthly Fuck the Radio Radio Show which will obviously serve as a compliment to this blog, and will also be released as a Soundcloud podcast- so stay tuned for that!

The second is a weekly Dubstep show called Dubcage. Focusing primarily on filthy dubstep/drum and bass/drumstep/grime/moombahcore/trash and whatever other heavy bass music is out there. Check it out here.

Today I’m posting an underground chillstep remix by Mr. Blonde of a track called You Will Never Disapear. It’s not the kind of filthy shit you’ll hear if you listen to the Dubcage radio show, but I think it’s a happy compromise for this blog’s style.

Deep and melodic, You Will Never Disappear is a somewhat lounge-y style ambient bass track with some pretty piano flutterings. A very well produced track.


Ephk – You Will Never Disappear (Mr. Blonde remix)




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