Analogue Interrupt – Between the Stars by Chris
November 12, 2011, 12:00 PM
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Here in Melbourne Australia, I laugh while I watch high-school students scramble to get through the most terrifying, over-bearing and stressful time of their lives: End of year exams.

High School Exams are like a rite of passage… No matter how great or disappointing your result, the feeling of accomplishment granted on that final utterance of ‘pens down’ by the overly self-important pensioner paid minimum wage to supervise you is like no other. Angels fly down from the heavens and lift you into the clouds on a pure-white unicorn-fur blanket as you drift slowly-but-surely to your celebratory hangover the next morning. You awake with no memory of your post-exam drinks other than the fleeting moment of the night where you stood upon the tallest table you could find and shouted “I DID IT!”

Analogue Interrupt‘s beautifully composed Between the Stars is reminiscent of what the soundtrack would be to the aforementioned scene were it in an 80s teen-film.

Wide pads accompany a soft melody to create a Vangelis-like ambient piece. It’s a testament to Analogue‘s musical ability to create a peice as engaging as Between the Stars that at the same time retains it’s inherently ambient feel.

A song for high-schoolers to listen to while studying… and beyond.


Analogue Interrupt – Between the Stars



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