Loreena McKennitt – The Mystic’s Dream by Chris
September 23, 2011, 9:14 PM
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I started this blog as a way to escape my Mum’s terminal cancer. The reality of living at home with somebody on their deathbed is not easy.

I used music to escape. And when that wasn’t distraction enough I started this blog. I started writing early September last year, scheduling the posts to be released in October. I wrote the first post and scheduled it for October 1st, the next post for the 2nd etc… I continued to write daily, scheduling more posts for October. They stop abruptly when she started to really slip. She died on the 23rd of September. That’s a year ago today.

She asked this song to be played at the funeral, and it’s beautiful. Although I’m sure my Mum would probably disapprove of the name I chose for this blog, she’d really dig the music I post on it. This one I know for a fact that she did, and I can see why.

Mckennitt‘s vocals are beautiful, the song is so gorgeously haunting, the atmosphere it embodies is captivating, it draws me into a medieval world with it’s droning pedal tone and ritualistic drum patterns. Simply magical and powerful music. A MUST for lovers of Celtic music (although this is pretty much the Stairway to Heaven of celtic songs, so I’m sure if you’re a celtic music fan you’ve at-least heard of Loreena McKennitt before), also a perfect introduction for a novice to the genre. The percussion, vocals and overall ambiance of the song is so perfectly and elegantly crafted.

Loreena McKennitt – The Mystic’s Dream

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