Portal Soundtrack – Self Esteem Fund by Chris
September 22, 2011, 8:50 PM
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Sorry for missing a few days of posting… not going to lie, I decided I was going to play video games all week.

So I re-install Half Life 2 and play through that… Then HL2 Episode 1, then HL2 Episode 2… and all the way through I’m thinking how amazing the music is. This is not a blog about video games so I won’t talk about this too much, but my  favourite part about Half Life 2 is its atmosphere- the dystopian future it is set in really has a personality of its own that contributes greatly to the way the game feels… one of the ways this is accomplished is through its amazing soundtrack.

I pulled up my Orange Box soundtrack in iTunes and gave it a listen- the Portal soundtrack is exceptional. Self Esteem Fund is a haunting ambient piece that adds a layer of depth to the isolated, lonely feeling that the game possesses at parts. But even better is the fact that on it’s own, it’s still great music, I recommend you give it a listen:

Portal Soundtrack – Self Esteem Fund

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